Direction: Increasing girls in STEM

STEM Girls is an initiative established by the CSR Development Center in 2016. It aims to overcome gender stereotypes when choosing a profession and increase girls’ faith in their abilities and the opportunity to build a STEM career in Ukraine. It unites girls and women from Ukraine, united by their passion for STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Projects after 24/02/2022

Ukraine_Future Project

Collection of children’s creative works on the theme of Ukraine of the Future, as a result of creating the collection of the same name – “Ukraine of the Future” (online version + print) to raise funds for Ukrainian schools affected by war and occupation.

STEM week with scientists

A series of meetings with finalist scientists and winners of the L’Oréal-UNESCO “Ukrainian Women in Science” Award to give girls faith in pursuing their scientific interests.

Онлайн-зустріч до Дня дівчат в ІКТ

On the eve of International Girls’ Day in ICT, a meeting “It’s never too late to be in IT” was held to tell girls and women who are interested in a career in IT about the possibilities of training programs and communication with girls who are already in IT.

All projects

“The best gender-sensitive STEM lesson”

An innovative approach to introducing new standards for gender-sensitive teaching of STEM lessons to support enterprising and talented teachers, help them promote STEM education ideas, and motivate girls on a par with boys to learn STEM subjects.

Professions without restrictions

A social experiment was conducted with 3rd graders on gender stereotypes about professions to overcome prejudices among school-age children about the ability of women and men to work in different occupations that are stereotypically related to “male” or “female”.

Hackathons for teachers

Methodological approaches and gender stereotypes – team competitions of the teaching community to create projects for schools to promote STEM and gender-sensitive approaches to education to implement and implement innovative projects in educational institutions without gender stereotypes.

Women Career Meetup

Women Career Meetup is a series of girls’ meetings with women working in various technological fields and implementing innovations to inspire schoolgirls to choose the right professions in Telecommunications, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, and Energy.

Girls’ Day

Excursions for schoolgirls and students from all over Ukraine to technology companies and research centers to increase the number of girls in STEM professions and arouse their interest in science and technology.

Hackathons for girls

HACK4GOOD: how to interest girls in STEM – team competitions between girls to improve project management skills and leadership skills to implement and implement STEM activities among schoolgirls to promote areas.

Branches Girls STEM

The community of active girls in schools and universities of Ukraine to increase the involvement and increase the number of girls in STEM areas to promote technical specialties and increase the number of girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Mentoring program #GirlsSTEM

A 3-month mentoring program for girls selects the top 20 inspiring women in STEM, a unique community of women who have made successful careers in science and technology. They choose one ward (mentee) among those girls who register for the program and implement a STEM project with her.