Direction: CSR development and promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals

CSR Ukraine implements sustainable development of companies in Ukraine! We hold thematic events, bring together CSR managers, and provide practical advice on sustainable business and social responsibility. CSR Ukraine brings together companies and advocates for CSR development at the national level.

Projects after 24/02/2022

Sustainability4Ukraine: Directly Support Local NGOs in Ukraine

On June 21, the international community came together to explore the effects of the war and global trends for future sustainable development. We also need your support for the vital goal of the project – to raise financial support for local NGOs in Ukraine.

Mentoring program for Ukrainians abroad

The #M4U program, supported by SAP, involves experts from companies to introduce Ukrainians to the country’s labor market and promote cultural and professional integration.

Information work with business

Meetings with international companies, business associations, partners abroad, and member companies of the CSR Ukraine to disseminate information about aid and fundraising during the war.

Program for study “Freedom English”

Free online courses supported by the IT Integrator in English for Ukrainians abroad to help use communication skills in every day and work situations.

All projects:

Contest of CSR cases for companies

The Contest of CSR Cases is the oldest CSR award in Ukraine and has been held since 2009 with the support of EY to support, evaluate and reward socially responsible businesses.

Online courses for CSR managers

The IMPACTORIUM online learning platform on the Sustainable Development Goals and CSR was created to raise awareness of the implementation of the CSW at the personal, professional, and public levels.

Meetings of member companies of the CSR Ukraine

Meeting of representatives of Ukrainian member companies of the CSR Ukraine that implement CSR practices. The results are CSR projects, plans and prospects.

CSR School

Two-day intensive training for representatives of companies, universities, and NGOs interested in sustainable development and continues to work independently with the help of mentors and public defense. 

CSR Breakfasts

Open meetings for businesses on global CSR trends, key trends, global challenges, and practical initiatives. The speakers of the breakfasts are experts, representatives of NGOs, founders, and CEOs of companies to increase the professional knowledge of CSR experts.

SDG Opinion Space

Communication platform for discussing significant challenges, the role of CSBs in overcoming challenges, and company cases. These are discussions to generate ideas and find solutions with representatives of business, NGOs, and international organizations.

SDG Ambassadors

Leadership program for young people to create projects for the implementation of the SDG. SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals, which the world must achieve by 2030. Two seasons of the leadership program have already been completed.