Brave Ukrainian business

For 15 years, CSR Ukraine has been uniting companies in Ukraine that carry out corporate social responsibility and works with more than 120 companies on CSR projects.

As part of our initiative, with the support of the Global Giving organization, we are launching the project “Brave Ukrainian Business” and want to show the world business community the incredible power of social responsibility of Ukrainian business.


Through the stories of small, medium and large businesses, we want to show the courage and responsibility of Ukrainian companies and reveal the following questions:

  • the company’s work before and after the invasion of russia,
  • challenges during the war,
  • employee safety,
  • top advice for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine, as well as international companies,
  • responsibility towards employees, communities, the Army,
  • CEO’s involvement in volunteer projects,
  • reviewing the strategy and the situation on the economic front,
  • the company’s role in the country’s recovery.

The video project “Brave Ukrainian Business” is our thankful reply to all companies that work, help and have a clear position during Russia’s war against Ukraine. Also, it calls on the international business community – do not to stop supporting Ukraine! Cooperation in joint projects, recourse to the services of Ukrainian companies, and cooperative management of business affairs are one of the best possible contributions to help Ukrainian businesses.

We are ready to show a teaser of the “Brave Ukrainian Business” project, which demonstrates the strength, indomitability and responsibility of the Ukrainian IT sector:

Development of the IT sector in Ukraine:

Despite the state of war, mobilization forced relocation of businesses and teams, the IT industry of Ukraine in the 1st quarter of 2022 provided a record $2 billion in export revenues — 28% more than last year ($1.44 billion).

Before the full-scale offensive of russia, the IT industry was in third place in terms of the growth rate of export turnover after the agro-industrial complex and metallurgy. At the same time, at the beginning of February 2022, the IT industry reached the highest monthly export rate in the history of the Ukrainian IT market — $839 million, which is 43% more than in the same period of 2021 ($480 million).

About the company in the video:

They have been working for more than 6 years. The company has offices in Malta, Germany, Poland and the USA. They mainly work with American and Israeli companies on cyber security issues. The services provided are everything related to helping with cyber security: testing, protection and consulting.

Number of employees – 70+

The total amount of the contribution is $300 thousand. 

UnderDefense bought more than 500 pieces of ammunition for the military, more than 400 pieces of tablets, more than 15 pieces of drones, 7 pieces of pickup trucks, 2 tractors for guns, and others.

The company cooperates with the Service of the Ministry of Communications, the Lviv Tank Plant, and the Lviv Regional State Administration.

UnderDefense created an internal channel for unifying and providing volunteer assistance.

Company website –

It is the largest software development company in Central and Eastern Europe. We have completed more than 20,000 projects over almost 30 years of work in the IT market. They have 41 offices in 12 countries, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and others.

The number of employees – 13 thousand.

SoftServe has been supporting Ukraine’s economy since the war’s first days. In February, the company transferred 50 million UAH in taxes in advance so that additional revenues to the country’s state budget would strengthen the economy.

SoftServe allocated 12 million UAH for assistance in various directions related to the war and another 22 million UAH from the company’s management. Separately, the company’s employees collected 2 million UAH and still contain significant amounts. More than $400 thousand in donations were made by the company’s clients, partners and employees abroad.

A large part of these funds was directed to the corporate Charity Fund “Open Eyes”, which is engaged in purchasing necessary items and rubber aid abroad, logistics and transportation to Ukraine and Ukrainian cities, and particularly to the East. The fund has dozens of trucks and more than 300 tons of rubber aid, medicines, food, and computer equipment for the needs of refugees and the military.

SoftServe also helps fight their expertise: hundreds of the company’s IT specialists within the OpenTech project cooperate with NGOs and government structures, developing digital products and solutions for them. SoftServe volunteers are currently working on about 25 projects. 

The company’s website is 

IT-Integrator is the largest developer and supplier of IT solutions for the public sector of Ukraine. Over 20 years in the Ukrainian IT market, it is a partner company of 40 international vendors. The first woman-friendly technology company in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, the maximum amount of the company’s resources and capabilities have been assigned to volunteer assistance to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, State Emergency Services, frontline volunteers, and IDPs in Ukraine and the world.

At the military’s request, the IT-Integrator team collects and delivers protective equipment, medicines, food, communication equipment, optics, cars, watercraft, thermal imagers, and UAVs to the front on a volunteer basis. For technical support of civil defense systems of communities and territories, the company supplies mass notification devices, thermal imaging equipment, video surveillance and drone protection systems, etc.

IT-Integrator implemented more than 6 social initiatives and CSR projects in 2022 for IDPs, children and Ukrainians abroad.

During the war, the IT-Integrator and charity organization “Educational Initiatives Foundation” within the framework of many volunteer projects, assisted combat and rescue units, as well as Ukrainians affected by hostilities, for more than 1 million hryvnias.

Website –

The “Brave Ukrainian Business” project is open to cooperation (media and other partnerships). Contact e-mail –