Mentoring program for Ukrainians in Germany

We are inviting Ukrainians whо’ve been forced to flee abroad to receive a mentoring support in Germany.

Today, there are 218,000 Ukrainian refugees in Germany who were forced to leave the country due to the war. They face acute issues of employment, restoration of social contacts and networking, as well as the problem of social integration in the life of the hosting country due to certain cultural and other characteristics.

To help Ukrainians, CSR Ukraine and Career Hub with the support of SAP are launching a Mentorship for Ukrainians (M4U) program for Ukrainians abroad who have left their home because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Mentors of the Program are the locals, who have been living in the country for a long time. They work in different companies, so they will be able to talk about employment opportunities, help with the networking and provide sound advice on social and cultural integration. Although the Organizers plan at least three meetings of a mentor and a mentee, sometimes mentorship can grow into a lifelong friendship.

Mentoring will take place in the format of online or offline meetings during May-June 2022. The following issues will be discussed during the mentoring:

  • Employment opportunities (providing information about vacancies, training, etc.)
  • Professional networking (involvement of Ukrainians in communities and business associations, expanding connections)
  • Integration (living in a foreign country, everyday issues, social integration)

Important: the program does not include financial aid for mentees.

We are inviting Ukrainians in Germany to join this Program, choose a mentor and become a mentee. Requirements for the mentee:

  • anyone over the age of 18 who was forced to leave Ukraine after February 24, 2022
  • currently staying in Germany
  • speaks English or German at a sufficient level to communicate 

To apply for the Program you need to fill in the application form at the website: 

Deadline for submitting – 20.05. 

After applying, participants will receive an email with further instructions.


About the Program Mentorship for Ukrainians (M4U):

 CSR Ukraine and Career Hub platform in collaboration with SAP is starting a mentoring program for Ukrainians abroad, Mentorship for Ukrainians (M4U). It is an opportunity for companies and their employees to support Ukrainians that had to leave Ukraine due to the escalation of russian aggression against Ukraine. The program will run in several European countries starting from Germany. Registration for mentors from other European countries remains open via link 

Website of the Program: 

Linkedin of the Program

CSR Ukraine is an expert organization in Ukraine, uniting more than 40 large companies, together with which it has been promoting the principles of sustainable business and social responsibility for ten years, implementing its own social projects, providing consultations, seminars and trainings on CSR issues and reports for both private companies and public authorities. It is a national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva, Switzerland).

СSR Ukraine launched the Mentorplace platform in 2021 to help Ukrainian youth receive mentoring support at the beginning of their careers. Five mentoring programs were implemented on the platform, joined by 215 mentors from leading companies and 325 young people in Ukraine.

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